"This collection of poetry is an embodiment of my spiritual thoughts and emotions. They can be inspired by daily events, moments of contemplation or my personal philosophical reflections on life, on love and my Lord."
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"Immerse yourself in a world of love... Indulge your senses and re-invigorate your soul... Passionate... Profound... Muhibba."
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All Things

"All things Merciful have taken inspiration from You,
Devoted mothers with sleepless nights,
Burning candles in darkness obscure,
Guardian angels from Heaven high."

"All things Beautiful haven taken grace from You,
Snow capped mountains enshrouded with ancient mists,
The magnificent splendour of a peacock’s pride,
The pristine perfection of a diamond raw."

"All things Alive have taken Energy from You,
Flowering spring meadows inherent with spirit,
The tumultuous thunder of cascading falls,
Pulsating stars in an expanding universe."

"All things Precious have taken Excellence from You,
An iridescent pearl concealed in an ocean deep,
Sacred Scriptures Heavenly revealed,
Words of endearment from one most cherished."

"I Am all that you know and more."

From the abyss of despair to the sea of calm

"The abyss of my loneliness beckons to me once more,
hypnotised by a dark despair
my spirit plunges
deeper still I fall,
the abyss of my anguish overwhelms me,
vision blackened with memories inescapable
feet fettered with a sadness so complete,
heavy hearted
I am consigned to my deathly foe, an intimate and familiar face,
‘Your heart belongs to me’, he whispers,
‘Hold me close and we shall descend into a bottomless pit
An abyss of eternal desolation
where you
and I
shall reside forever’."

"Then, a light,
A light from above,
Yet piercing the clutching darkness,
my spirit soars
higher still I rise,
the glimmering radiance penetrating my soul,
vision enlightened with Truth
freed with redemption Divine,
I surrender to the Source of All Illumination
The One who is Infinitely close,
‘I am the Light of the Heavens and the earth’, he reassures,
‘Your soul belongs to Me
Have faith in Me and
Rise to the threshold of the Throne
Wherein is Eternal Glory and Love True’."


"Miraculous am I
with no beginning, no end,
unlimited by reigns of time and space
I Am
without cause but with
Necessity and Truth,
Healer of those blinded by life, love and the mirage of mortality,
the One who fashions with a devotion Divine
infusing the inanimate with an essence of Mine,
the sanctified spark, so pure,
Sustainer of all forms
both infinitesimal and immense,
Messiah, Saviour of souls."

Principles of Certainty

"All praise belongs to Me
Merciful beyond necessity
Compassionate until the end
Sovereign King of all dominions
Most Holy, Sanctified in Essence and Being
Source of all Peace
Protective, Sheltering Shepherd
Custodian of Creation
Victorious Conqueror who will prevail
Overpowering Compeller
Supreme Inheritor of all that exists
Creator and Measurer of dimensions infinite
Evolver of matter, form and spirit
Fashioner of perfected realities
Absolver, Forgiver of darkened souls
Possessor of Immeasurable Might
One who opens and reveals mysteries of the universe
Omnipotent Knower of worlds seen and unseen
Bountiful Giver extending mercies
Exalted Being raising the pure
Owner of Honour, Pride and Glory sublime
The One and Only Unified Reality
Absolute Lord of seven heavens and seven earths
Source of Eternal Energy
Constant Companion to all in need
Forever Alive in the hearts of man
The Most Loving and Affectionate One
All praise belongs to Me
Indescribable, Incomparable, Unimaginable Me."


"It is not for the fear of Hell fire that I love you so
Nor is it in dread of the eternal company of the Cursed One

It is not for the desire of atonement that I love you so
The selfish burdensome weight of shame
The clawing pangs of guilt
Nor the looming shadows of sin on my blackened soul

It is not in ruthless pursuit of heavenly pleasures that I love you so
The temptations of delectable delights
An endless eternity in palatial abodes
Lush gardens of perpetual bliss
Robed in emerald silks embellished with golden brocade

I love your Sacred Omnipresence that envelopes me so

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