"This collection of poetry is an embodiment of my spiritual thoughts and emotions. They can be inspired by daily events, moments of contemplation or my personal philosophical reflections on life, on love and my Lord."
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"Immerse yourself in a world of love... Indulge your senses and re-invigorate your soul... Passionate... Profound... Muhibba."
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"You called me in the darkness of time,
I came in humble obedience,
A nourishing warmth of an origin divine,
I was destined to highest elevation,
From strength to strength did I shine,
In your guiding illumination,
Until I entered a garden sublime,
A monument to my salvation."


"In the burning sunsets of Bali,
In the resplendent glory of infinite stars,
In the sun burnt dunes of the Kalahari,
I perceive You."

"In the ferocious gallop of a stallion wild,
In the roaring waves of a mighty sea,
In the euphony of a nightingale mild,
I hear You."

"In the tender embrace of my mother’s arms,
In the gentle glow of a summer’s sun,
In the passionate caress of my beloved’s charms,
I feel You."


"Cursed are you, my slithering foe,
Concealed from my vision,
The ancient enmity we share,
Has led me to this path of woe,
Your calculated deceptions, your insidious treachery,
Has masqueraded as the truth,
Beguiled by your venomous whisperings,
Deluded did I become,
Injured I lay,
Praying for redemption."

"Praise be to You, my Constant Companion,
The Manifest Reality,
Creator of all that was, that is and all that shall be,
You are my Guiding Light,
From the abyss of inequity to divine distinction,
Your Omniscient Gaze, Your Eternal Sovereignty,
Reigns over me,
In winged hope I rise,
My spirit soars in your devotion,
Ascending heavenward with adoration."

Art of Loving and being Loved

"To love and be loved, that is the art of living,
Discovering rare treasures, from an earth that is giving,

Healing those that are consumed by insanity,
Bringing them back to folds of rationality,

Finding illumination in a night eclipsed,
In which moonshine’s candescence is greatly missed,

To be consumed by affection for nature’s most reviled,
Untamed, possessed, insane, wild,

Mastering contentment in times of affliction,
Expanding horizons with pioneering convictions,

Perceiving wisdom behind incoherent imagining,
Easing the distresses of human suffering,

To love and be loved, that is the art of living,
Loving the seemingly unworthy, that is the Essence of Being."

The Undefeated

"In moments of desperate isolation,
You are nearer to me than I,

Tormented memories, heartbreaking humiliation,
Souls longing only to die,

Infinite minds in enclosed spaces,
Pursuers of Eternal Truth,

From Pharaonic regimes rise oppressed races,
Passionate, restless, unconquerable youth,

Desiring equality, justice, hope and liberation,
Torchbearers of Universal Decree,

Rightful heirs to heavenly station,
Devoted to the Ultimate Reality."

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