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"Immerse yourself in a world of love... Indulge your senses and re-invigorate your soul... Passionate... Profound... Muhibba."
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Title: Allah
Size (inches): 35 x 25
Price: £750
Description: A stained glass window effect with crimson roses and pink chrysanthemums. The vibrant colours of the flowers are intensified by a gradation of blues.
Alternate Canvas Print:


Stained Glass - Allah
Title: Rabb us Samawati wal Ardh (Lord of the heavens and earth)
Size (inches): 24 x 30
Price: SOLD
Description: A stained glass effect depicting the relationship and connection to Allah of the heavens and the earth. The glowing oranges and red emphasise his creative energy and power, whilst the blues and earthy tones are representative of the heavenly firmaments and earthly abodes.
Alternate Canvas Print:


Rabb us Samawati wal Ardh
Title: Rauf ur Raheem (The most Kind and most Compassionate)
Size (inches): 24 x 30
Price: SOLD
Description: An exotic bird of paradise displaying its fiery plumage set against a calming blue sky. The bird is known for its spectacular beauty and delightful courtship rituals. Rauf ur raheem is interwoven into its unique ornamental tail feathers.
Alternate Canvas Print:


Rauf ur Raheem
Title: Jaleel (The Most Majestic)
Size (inches): 30 x 40
Price: £550
Description: Stained glass effect depicting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul with Jaleel set against a calming blue sky. A simple but fantastic representation of a magnificent mosque.
Title: Shayaan
Size (inches): 24 x 28
Price: £160
Description: "Shayaan" is an extraordinary piece of artwork created for an enlightened and bold individual. I wanted this piece to reflect the esoteric meaning of the name rather than focus on someone's personality. This Persian name implies worthiness, splendour and greatness. More importantly, it suggests wisdom beyond age, intelligence and an unparalleled depth of understanding. As an artist, I felt that the concept of intelligence should be based on Shahab ud Din Suhrawardi's theory of 'Hikmat al-Ishraq' (wisdom by illumination). Suhrawardi was the pioneer of this Illuminationist philosophy which declared that 'light' is the purest and most supreme entity in existence and that all creation is an emanation of this 'Pure Light'. The darkness of ignorance and emanating light of wisdom is symbolically captured in this painting. In the highly textured dark background, the name of "Shayaan" is featured as a stained glass window effect, providing beauty, light and wisdom through illumination.
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