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"Ramadhan offer: all paintings half price"                                                                                                                                                                                                                   "Immerse yourself in a world of love... Indulge your senses and re-invigorate your soul... Passionate... Profound... Muhibba."
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Title: Surah Falak
Size (inches): 21 x 26
Price: SOLD
Description: An uplifting sunrise landscape with the silhouette of flying swans. Golden frame and glass fitted. Acrylic and ink.
Surah Falak
Title: Surah Naas
Size (inches): 21 x 26
Price: £75
Description: A stunning impression of an eagle symbolizing the highest level of nobility humanity can reach. Fitted with a golden frame and glass. Acrylic and ink.
Surah Naas
Title: Surah Fatiha
Size (inches): 28 x 20
Price: £80
Description: Delicately painted with water colours and acrylics, this kingfisher landscape has a meditative serenity. Frame is aluminium and has an elegance of its own.
Surah Fatiha
Title: Malik-ul-Mulk (Lord and King of the Worlds)
Size (inches): 17½ x 21
Price: SOLD
Description: A combination of ink, water colour and acrylic. Very detailed Persian design in background. Wooden frame with glass.
Title: Kul (Say...)
Size (cm's): 52 x 72
Price: £65
Description: An elegant representation of the 3 kuls, with the predominant verse of surah Ikhlaas painted in bold paint with soft watercolour background. Beautiful, yet simple, pine frame included.
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