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"Immerse yourself in a world of love... Indulge your senses and re-invigorate your soul... Passionate... Profound... Muhibba."
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Title: Ar-Rehman Ar-Rahim (Most Merciful, Most Compassionate)
Size (inches): 24 x 35
Price: £450
Description: A deep red rose set on a radiantly golden background.
Alternate Canvas Print:

'Amarynth Pink'

Ar-Rehman Ar-Rahim
Title: Al-Noor (The Pure Light, The Pure Energy)
Size (inches): 28 x 40
Price: £400
Description: Al-Noor written in the form of lightening, symbolizing Allah's energy, magnificence and awesome power. Highly textured mountains provide depth, whilst the heavy laden colours of the sky give the painting a dark and atmospheric character.
Title: Al-Mussawir (The Fashioner)
Size (inches): Diameter 34
Price: £850
Description: This painting is one of the most tactile pieces since it depicts a human embryo surrounded by a womb. Al-Mussawir is written in the organs of the unborn child. Each vein and muscle is graphically illustrated for a touch of realism.
Title: Al-Wadud (The Most Loving)
Size (inches): 30 x 30
Price: £560
Description: A bold representation of a brightly coloured butterfly that has Al-Wadud painted into its wings. Glowing oranges, deep reds and a black silhouette with a highly textured finish animate the butterfly. The warm, rich colours of the background provide a sense of harmony.
Alternate Canvas Print:


Title: Al-Bari (The Evolver)
Size (inches): 36 x 36
Price: £550
Description: An enchanting and truly amazing piece of work that glorifies this attribute of the divine. The circularity of the name coupled with the spirals denote the concept of evolution. This painting is very textured, almost sensual! It has a mystical quality since it evokes feelings of serenity as well as stimulating your senses.
Alternate Canvas Print:


'Forest Green'              'Walnut'

Title: Al-Jabbar (The Compellor)
Size (inches): 30 x 30
Price: £500
Description: This fiery piece of art reflects divine might, strength and power.
Alternate Canvas Print:


Title: Al-Shakur (The Most Appreciative)
Size (inches): 23 x 33
Price: £450
Description: A beautifully captivating piece honouring Allah, the most appreciative, with Quranic verses.
Alternate Canvas Print:



Title: Haq - Allah huwal haq (Truth - Allah is the only Truth)
Size (inches): 31 x 39
Price: £600
Description: An absorping painting with elegant calligraphy and iridescent hues of sapphire and turquoise that proclaims Allah as the only reality in the universe. This undeniable truth permeates throughout creation.
Alternate Canvas Print:


Haq - Allah huwal Haq
Title: Khaliq (The Creator)
Size (inches): 30 x 40
Price: £450
Description: A dark and enigmatic piece of artwork epitomizing Allah's creative force. The circular entities suggest freedom of movement and infinite creative energy.
Title: Al-Hayy (The Alive)
Size (inches): 30 x 30
Price: £440
Description: A mesmerising piece of art, glorifying Al-Hayy. It is symbolised by an ammonite - an iconic marine fossil whose intricately shaped and elaborately coiled chambers are examples of Allah's flawless creativity.
Alternate Canvas Print:


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