There is nothing more special than owning a customised piece of artwork commissioned to your individual specifications. These personalised gifts are unique masterpieces of hand painted art based on an individual’s name. go to home page
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"Immerse yourself in a world of love... Indulge your senses and re-invigorate your soul... Passionate... Profound... Muhibba."
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  • Capture the essence and character of someone you love on canvas
  • Artwork can be abstract, semi-abstract or a vision of simplicity
  • All designs will be artistic representations created specifically by me
  • On average, commissions can take up to 2 weeks to complete; however, this is entirely dependent on current workload
  • Contact me for a free consultation today!

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Title: Veiled Elegance
Size: A4
Description: For their August 2010 issue, Emel requested me to design selected Arabic words in calligraphy that would reflect the elegance and beauty of Islamic dress.

"Once again Aneela has delivered our requirements in a sophisticated and ideal style."

- Emel

Veiled Elegance
Title: Surah Al Waqiah (verse 68)
Size: A4
Description: Emel were interested in designing a cover for their July 2010 issue that explored water as a blessing and a precious global commodity. They wanted this particular verse which translates as "Have you ever considered the water which you drink?" transformed into a calligraphic water drop.
Follow: Click here to follow this article on Water on Emel's website. Feedback:

"We were searching for a piece of calligraphy that would translate the sacred element of water in a calligraphic format and Aneela's design has accomplished this in a unique and elegant style."

- Emel

Surah Al Waqiah (verse 68)
Title: Yusuf
Size (inches): 24 x 24
Description: This client desired an abstract work of art for his son, Yusuf, which illustrated his personality. Unapologetically bold and striking, this abstract painting with shades of red, crimson and black, depict his strength of character, inner confidence and distinctive style. The texture and fluidity of movement present in his name represents a nature that is free in spirit and forever engaged in activity. The warm soft hues of the background highlight Yusuf's loving and gentle nature. He is connected not only to himself but also to his family, who nurture his inquisitive soul and respect him for the unique individual he is.

"The painting arrived just in time for my son's birthday, it was perfect. The colours and design totally captured his personality. Thanks."

- Kashif Butt

Title: Allah
Size (inches): 35 x 45
Description: This client wanted the stained glass painting on a larger scale with additional flowers and a prominent sun. There are extra peach chrysanthemums and a purple tulip. This painting was specifically created for the client’s office.

"A wonderful painting! My office has come to life, even the staff are thrilled as I am."

- Axis Recruitment (Nottingham)

Title: Eid Mubarak
Size (pixels): 641 x 504
Description: EIIB, an Islamic Investment Bank, wanted to personally communicate with their multitude of clients this Eid ul Fitr; thanking them for their support and the trust they place with their organisation. Committed to emitting their personable and warm nature, EIIB commissioned me to provide them with an Eid card which communicated just that. An illuminating and inspirational card was designed specifically to convey EIIB's goal of providing excellent Sharia compliant investment banking products and services.

"I'm sure that our customers will be pleased with the exceptional quality and symbolism of the eid card, as we are."


Eid Mubarak
Title: Surah Al Maeda (verse 32)
Size (inches): 8.5 x 11
Description: Dr. Almaas Shaikh, a trauma surgeon from a gang plagued area of Los Angeles commissioned this piece for her workplace. She wanted a constant visible reminder that all efforts should go into saving each and every life that her and the medical team came across. She selected her favorite verse from the Quraan and requested me to create a piece that would not only convey an atmosphere of peace and serenity but would place emphasis on Allah's magnanimity and compassion.

"Masha Allah you are a very talented artist. The work is beautiful. I particularly appreciate your choice of colours as they are very soothing and peaceful, exactly what my work needs and what would bring some serenity to my office desk. The intensity of my job could use a daily reminder of the words of Allah artistically and serenely laid out as you have... I commend you on your work."

- Dr. Almaas Shaikh (Los Angeles)

Surah Al Maeda (verse 32)
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