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"Immerse yourself in a world of love... Indulge your senses and re-invigorate your soul... Passionate... Profound... Muhibba."
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Thank you all for your love!

"ALHUMDHULLILAH.. little did I think what amazing results art, Islam and the beautiful mind can come up with.... when I look at the pieces of artwork I feel a sense of passion, belief and heart that has been completely splashed out onto each effort... it’s amazing how one can interpret their inner thoughts, beliefs, feelings and passions into an expressive format, and the artist here has done that wonderfully.. I ld be here forever if I even tried to comment on every piece, each one has struck me with millions of thoughts when I see them and again all I would like to say is ALHUMDHULLILAH and a thank you, to the artist, who has shown me a new and beautiful form of expression.. I will express my feelings on one work ‘ALLAH’ in the mystic alternative, which caught my eye the moment I saw it. For me this encompasses way too much for my mind to register at once, I’ll try my best to put the thoughts in my mind to this post. I prefer to ponder each intricate touch the artist has made and try to piece together what the artist is trying to get the viewer to think, the overall picture tells me a message, the many different shapes all joined give me a feel of a maze, one like the one we are finding our way through life. The many different shapes that the maze draws up symbolises to me the different scenarios and peoples we meet in our lives, and the beauty of the flowers show me that in life as you travel through your maze you will meet some beautiful people, as I have done so recently in my life. The use of colour brings this thought in my mind all together, blessed are we to have the gift of colour from Allah, and the artist has used the colour magically. I see joyful and dark paths in this maze of life, and I really appreciate the positioning of the colours in regards to this imaginary labyrinth, it makes me feel I am actually finding my way through this maze... and most importantly I love the positioning of the word Allah, if the artwork was a person looking outwards I would say Allah is the Heart, slightly to the left.. And through our joyful times in our life, dark times in our life, meeting of various people in our life, experiencing different scenarios in our life, we will always have Allah in our heart and therefore say ALHUMDHULLILAH, and fear nothing. A well thought out piece that has got me thinking on many different levels, if I was ever to meet the artist I am sure I would enjoy endless conversations on the amazing works... May Allah bless you and your family, and you see nothing but happiness in your life, and through all your deeds in your life and work I pray to Allah that he opens the gates to heaven for yourself, your family and all you’re loved ones... Insha’Allah... Thanks again. ati"

- Atif Hussain

"Hello, im from australia and iv just seen your work.. i dont know what to say there just breath taking, keep up the good work.. Salam Alakoum."

- Safah

"Just like to say, amazing website you have. The calligraphy is fabulous and the poetry is very deep. May Allah Tallah give you barkat in your career ameen.
Lots of love."

- Iram

"These paintings are very beautiful, i love the work of art!"

- Sonia Naz

"What beautiful work and beautiful quotes on your site!"

- Rupert Spira

I have just looked at your site and I am completely inspired and impressed by your words and paintings. Your paintings are stunning and your words are straight from the heart. Beautiful, wonderful by Allah’s Grace."

- Moriam Grillo Henry

"Finding your website was like a gift from Allah to me, Aneela. It has given me much inspiration. I am so tired of the godless world of the post- modern artist, by contrast your work is like a fountain for the thirsty. I share your interests - Islam and nature woven together, the beautiful gifts of Allah the Almighty. Thanks."

- Dr Abur Razzaq Blackhirst (Professor at La Trobe University in Australia)

"Very impressive art. I loved it. Keep it up. Also, the website is very well designed. May Allah bless you. Amin."

- Waseem Bari

"Luminous and vibrant art that revives the classical values of Islam: love, tolerance and enlightenment. I’m proud to own your beautiful painting ‘Illumination’, which embodies this spirit. I hope others seeing your work will be inspired to create art, not destroy it, and change the image of Islam around the world. "

- Shabanah (Leeds)

"I love the way the curved Arabic lettering shapes and dynamic use of line are interwoven with a vibrant use of colour. Beautiful! "

- Julie Brightman

"The passion that has gone into your work has truly made me lost for words, I can see how you have poured out your emotions and grasped this exquisite art form to free you from all the pressures in life. May Allah bless you and build you from strength to strength. You truly are a special person and thank you for directing me to your very special world."

- Aneela Asim ( Nottingham)

"Hi Aneela baji, love your work and the website! It’s amazing! "

- Maleeha (Nottingham)

"Hi Aneela, the website is awsome!"

- Santosh (Dubai)

"Amazing pieces of art mashallah, God bless. It will be mind blowing to see these pieces of art displayed at the GPU, and see what the 60,000 visitors think of them."

- Osamah (London)

"I am speechless......good stuff!"

- Akbar

"Keep defying convention and embracing creativity. Respect your instrument of deep observation and endless communication as that is all we have on this earth that we can call our own."

- Ayman (London)

"I love your work, I really admire your vision in the Elemental and Mixed Media series. Can we order them in Pakistan?"

- Samar (Karachi)

"Although I don’t understand the religious significance of the artwork, there is a depth and quality in them that is reminiscent of Blake’s poetry."

- Janet (Leeds)

"Mashallah, there is truly some beautiful and innovative work displayed here. I particularly appreciated the stained glass as well as the ‘Fashioner’, Al Mussawir. Alhamdullilah."

- Salahudin (London)

"I am amazed at the level of your ability. Mashallah! It is precisely this caliber of work that is desperately needed to rekindle the spirit which was prevalent during the Islamic Renaissance. Thank you for sharing your art with others and in particular, with me."

- Karla N Evans (International Islamic Museum of America)

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